CCL’s Involvement in the Yarrows Stadium Redevelopment Project

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Cunningham Construction Ltd has been actively involved in the Yarrows Stadium redevelopment project in partnership with Clelands Construction. The project involves the installation of a brand new PVC roof, and Cunningham Construction has been responsible for scaffolding the West Stand to ensure a safe and secure platform for the roofing work.

To achieve this, the company has utilised 50 tonne of Layher Scaffolding, a versatile and innovative scaffolding system, and has sought engineering support from Layher to ensure precision and accuracy in construction. The company has also taken a careful and professional approach to the project, ensuring that all scaffolding is expertly constructed to meet safety standards.

Working alongside Clelands Construction, who is leading the redevelopment project, Cunningham Construction is proud to bring its expertise and professionalism to the Yarrows Stadium project. By providing a safe and secure scaffolding platform for the installation of the new roof, the company has contributed significantly to the successful completion of the West Stand.

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